About us - let's meet

Hey, nice of you to drop by. 

What to tell you..?

We're a small team and when we're not messing around, telling jokes and having a daft laugh and that, we're busy chipping away at our pet passion of bringing beautiful wood products to the homes and gardens of good folk like you.

Stating the obvious, but wood is a super important natural resource; it can shelter us, transport us, protect us, move us and inspire us. Above all that (if that wasn't enough), it literally enables our existence - not a bad CV. 

By only using wood from carefully managed and strictly controlled trees in Northern Europe, your purchase from gudwud helps to protect and enhance the natural environment which we all share, that's got to be good. 

We're starting our gudwud journey with our art and poster hangers with the innovative but simple direct hanging system where no rope is required. We're working on other products at the moment so let's stay connected and we'll drop you a note every now and then to share what's new. (Just tap your email below).

Enjoy the store. We hope you get some gudwud in your life soon ; )